We often disregard being “more green” and what a lot of people don’t realize is there are some easy steps that can allow them to become a greener user. As a college student I want to decrease my electric bills and anything else I can save money on.

Below are 5 easy steps to put in place in your college life. These are simple and low-cost options that can make your footprint on the world be decreased and become more green.

1) Unplug all appliances currently not being used: What many people are unaware of is how active a plugged in appliance is even if YOU are not using it. Electricity is still flowing through the equipment and being used up despite it not being physically on. The top appliance I witness being plugged in and not used is cell phone chargers. That charger you leave in the wall plugged in is wasting electricity. So take an extra minute to unplug it and save some money on your next electric bill and become greener. (surge protectors can make turning off many appliances easier too). Photo Credit

2) Use reusable containers: Today reusable containers can be found pretty much anywhere. I know my university bookstore has a great assortment of water bottles, and I own a blue one that I use on a daily basis. Instead of bringing a non-reusable plastic water bottle to the gym I opt for my blue UNR water bottle that I can reuse time after time. Photo Credit

3) Print on both sides of paper: This can save paper and the amount of paper products we use every day is a huge amount. Decreasing the amount of paper we waste can be simple as printing on both sides of a piece of paper. Home printers have a setting to allow double-sided copies to be made. It makes lecture notes easy to flip through too 🙂

4) Replace light bulbs with energy-efficient ones: They reduce electricity use, and decrease energy up to 75%. Plus they last longer! These bulbs can be found at your local grocery store or Walmart. Photo Credit

5) Look into recycle bins as an option: Most universities have recycling bins for paper, and plastics. Check them out and see where you can recycle your paper goods and plastic bottles. Also look into getting your own recycle bins for your college apartment or home. Click here to visit the city of Reno’s website to research recycling bins.