Millions upon millions of individuals throughout the world are impacted by cancer in some way or another. Whether it takes place in a friend or family member, or even you as an individual; cancer affects all, finding a way into our lives. It is a horrible disease that can take away the people we love before we realize it. However, it is non-profit foundations that provide assistance allowing patients to become survivors.

I have become very interested in an organization called Cancer Schmancer. This organization has a goal of raising awareness and educating women on the importance of preventing cancer. The founder and CEO of Cancer Schmancer is former actress Fran Drescher. She herself struggled with urinary cancer, and has an incredible survival story behind it. With her story always with her, she has created an organization striving everyday to help women, by diagnosing or preventing them from cancer. She was a victim of being misdiagnosed and has made it her goal now, to help women throughout the U.S. not become another misdiagnosed patient when it comes to cancer.

One thing that caught my attention the most was how Fran is focusing on the women who can’t afford treatment, by sending something called the “Fran Van” around. These vans travel around California and New York. They have the equipment in their vehicles to scan women for various types of cancers free of charge. Not only do these vans provide free screening, but they also help create an awareness for all women from various income levels that typically can’t afford consultations. The importance of the Cancer Schmancer movement is to enable women to have more power in fighting one of the worst battles of their lives.

I look forward to seeing the progression Cancer Schmancer makes, and the impact they have on millions of women. Donations can be made to Cancer Schmancer for those looking into giving benefit to a great cause that has a big heart.

Let me know how you think my journey is going with exploring the philanthropic world!

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