The Uncertain Plan


The fear of the unknown in this world is what creates an uncertainty we steer away from. Not knowing if we can achieve our goals, or where we are going in life diminishes our positivity. I think what many can relate to is my own issue of fearing the unknown future plan of life. What I have realized is when we don’t know what the plan for work, school, life, etc is, we tend to shrink and freeze up. Planning takes time and consideration most of which we have trouble finding.

As children we are raised to have a dream and never let go of the faith that anything can come true if we set our minds to it. Why can’t this same outlook still exist as adults? Some may disagree with my advice, but having a dream can create positivity in our lives. It goes along with finding what makes you happy. Even when a plan is set out, it’s not always meant to happen.

With only one life to live, find that dream that motivates you to be a better person. If planning out your dream is the issue, there are ways to make the process easier.  The important part is being able to plan out work, education, and everything else in life, there is the ability to have any dream, or possibility at your fingertips. Planning that uncertain dream, or task can be done. It just takes the first step to start the process. In the end motivation is the underlying trait influencing the planning process, whether it is influenced by uncertainty or not.


Motivation to improve

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It’s a month into our new year and some of us are succeeding at our new years resolutions, but other are finding it hard to create motivation for success. Whether you want to improve your state of mind, or try a new hobby, motivation can be found. I caught myself saying in 2010, “I don’t have the time.” I have changed my outlook this new year, and decided into my last semester of college I have the time to do anything I can set my mind to. It’s a grand idea, but it allows me to go towards a more positive outlook. What makes this task the most difficult is the motivation behind it. Finding the motivation to do better in all areas of life requires steps to be taken in order to become a happier individual. I have made it a goal of mine to implement the steps below into my life. If I fail at this goal, then I can only try again, and if I succeed I have room for new goals of improvement. At the end of the day the motivation we have is as strong as we make of it.

Step 1) Find out what makes you happy.

Step 2) You are human and are allowed to make mistakes

Step 3) For every negative thought, try to think of a positive in your life.

Step 4) Try, try, again eventually you will succeed.








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