Most of us are aware of what philanthropy is, but the new humanitarian movement occurring is called microphilanthropy. To be a microphilanthropist, an individual wants to donate to a cause, but they may not necessarily have the funds to do so (if only money grew on trees). Microphilanthropists find simple ways to donate their time or small amounts of money to benefit others.

I myself had a microphilanthropist moment today. While I was at work, I had a customer come in who was returning to college after serving in Afghanistan. He told me how he had returned this last semester, and was shocked with how the system had changed. Small talk occurred and I realized most returning Veterans come back to the life occurring now, and have to adjust to the changes that have happened in a fast manner in order to survive.

My microphilanthropist moment took place when I gave my advice to this man on how to save money on school books, by using websites to rent them versus the monopolistic competitive outlook many university bookstores create. Websites such as allow users to rent textbooks, and plant a tree for every rent made. This site is a good cause with the power to save students money as well. I also gave this man advice regarding how to find the teachers who truly care about your education, and weed out the ones who get pleasure out of seeing you fail. I told him to visit which has given me many benefits when choosing classes as a college student.

The point of my story is I made a positive out of a negative with this man’s re-entrance into college. My simple act of kind advice today, created positive marketing for some companies, and I would predict alleviated some stress from this man. As a microphilanthropist I want to do good for others in any way I can. Whether it is giving my advice on being knowledgeable on how to survive college, or donating a few dollars, any small gesture can make a bigger impact. Today I learned that I can easily practice microphilanthropy on a daily basis. If I try my best to do a small humanitarian act for an individual every day not only does this benefit others, but it gives me good karma 🙂

“Nothing we learn in this world is ever wasted.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo Credit: Bailey Rose